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Color! Color! Color!

The brand new Brio collection tells us about adventures and travels. “Brio” stands for joyful and vivacious but also elegant with no excess. All of this represents our vision of a modern woman. A mix of life experience and joy that sums up on natural stones. Amethyst, blue topaz, citrine quartz, smoky quartz, rose quartz reflecting thru their purity different way of living.
As a synonym of personality and uniqueness, gold is the perfect match to enhance their gleam. No matter if yellow or rose.
Thanks to a peculiar craftsmanship on diamond shape, the purity of the stone achieves its maximum.
Jewels for milestones of your life.


A color palette, a flower pot, a window, a book and a cup of tea. These are the elements for a picture that smells like joy!
Frame is up to us!
Lively represents a world made of simplicity and lots of color! A smile to life, a wink to new generation, settled by super busy women always in a hurry!
Take your time and relax… is this magic moment decorated in pastel shades?


Time and space are unlimited, as absolute is. A piece of jewelry kept in a vortex of light, as an old message coming from an ancient world. Perfect shapes portraying strenght and infinity. Gem stones set on hand crafted metal mixed with shimmering neat colors, intense and fine at the same time.
A kaleidoscope of feelings that is there for you all the time.
Ring for any occasion!

A bunch of colored stones enclosed on a gold leaf. Fancy jewels blossom when on you.
This is the unique essence of the woman looking for Gioelia style and creations.

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Let yourself be seduced

Eternity, a collection for Lovers

Jewels to celebrate your love and celebrate magic moments, unforgettable. Enhance these moments and share with your beloved. Capture your love is possible thru an everlasting precious jewel.

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Our secret? Do it right!

Our mission is focused on three basis, diligence, perseverance, consciousness. This how we reach our targets. Customer satisfaction is our main goal and we try our best in every step to achieve perfection in what we do, never forgetting about our artisan trait but keeping an eye into the future to do better than better, every day, constantly, tenaciously, consciously!

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